7 Ways to Decrease Inflammation

It’s not just a buzz word. It’s actually kind of a buzz kill. Inflammation causes everything from fatigue to joint pain, so making daily changes is the most basic way to reduce this enemy of good.

Of course, the body needs the ability to inflame in order to protect. But we’re talking chronic and unnecessary inflammation.

Here are some easy ones:

1. You don’t want to hear it, but here it is: stress management. Have a breathing, meditation or otherwise healthy practice that brings your heart rate down and positive emotions up.

2. Kick refined sugar and other inflammatory foods. Swap sugar with a little honey or maple syrup to your coffee or tea – and chips or cookies for nuts and high-quality dark chocolate.

3. Sleep. A huge part of your immune system fires or fails based on your zzz’s. Even one night of poor sleep affects your ability to fight off a cold or infection.

4. Release tight spots. When muscles contract and fascia bind together for days and weeks at a time, inflammation is the unfortunate love-child. Get consistent, effective bodywork (we know a place.)

5. Investigate plant-based supplements that are known for decreasing inflammation – turmeric, goldenseal, burdock root and tart cherry are just a few-and easy to take with our fave VitalFit supplements in the Squad Store.

6. Detox as a practice. Make Infrared Sauna or lymphatic flushing a regular thing. Skin brushing is a great daily regimen (we got you on all these.)

7. Add a thimble full of apple cider vinegar to your water every morning (buy the kind with The Mother.) A great probiotic that also has been linked to decreased pain and swelling.