We share an obsessive, multi-decade long interest in health and methods for natural recovery.

Josh Crosby, Ironman, world-champion rower and creator of group exercise programs Indo-Row and Shockwave, became an ardent advocate of foam rolling and other triggerpoint therapies as a professional adventure racer and international fitness presenter. Between multi-day trail runs and regular triathlon competitions, he has used these techniques to keep him race-ready treating everything from overuse injuries and joint pain to a two-year bout of Lyme Disease.  

Amy Swift Crosby, a brand strategist and copy writer, comes to the health and wellness table with both professional and personal connections. Her own health journey has included everything from sciatica to lung disease and, as a writer and mother of two, she sees a need for a third space – a place intended for reset. Her work and blog have helped hundreds of iconic and entrepreneurial ventures reach consumers with compelling, authentic messaging. A strong belief in transparency, between brand and customer, is integral to the BDY SQD culture.

amy swift crosby

“The body is a working miracle. The best way we can support what is already going on inside us is by creating conditions that foster natural functionality. Like exercise, sleep or nutrition, resetting and recalibration are essential for life, not just for a special event.”

josh crosby

“As an athlete and business owner, I have relied on this type of regular release work to prevent injury, reduce the impact of long flights and hours in front of the computer. BDY SQD is a way to make essential recovery protocols accessible for everyone – not just for those with unlimited time and resources.”