Accessible and affordable,
by design.

we created a pricing structure that makes this essential work possible.

The way to contemplate a package is to consider how much you need and how often. If you’re in pain, in training or recovering from a race or injury, you’ll want to invest in two to three sessions a week in order to get back on your feet. If you’re in maintenance mode, then once a week is recommended. Watch for our 3-month memberships coming soon.

first timer?
try a 60-minute introductory session.

first timers

We make it easy to try us out, see how you feel.

Let your first experience inform your recovery plan.

getting started $55*

30-min assisted stretch session 

30-min infrared sauna or compression boots session

*available for first timers only


Affordability, flexibility, accountability.

detox-only, 30-minute sessions

5×30    $159 ($32 each)

10×30  $309 ($31 each)

If glowing skin, boosted immunity and healthy lymphatic flow are priorities, this is for you. Choose between NormaTec compression therapy or infrared sauna.

bodywork-only, 30-minute sessions

5×30-min    $219 ($44 each)

10×30-min  $425 ($43 each)

A more committed approach to feeling loose, agile and performance-ready. Add detox sessions as needed.

the power 4-pack, 60 min each

4 sessions $329 ($82 each)

Longer 60-minute sessions mean deeper relief. This is a great kick-off package because whether you use these stretch sessions back-to-back or every other week, your body will realign with more efficiency and ultimately release faster. This is our most popular package for a reason. 

the combo pack, 20 sessions

10 bodywork sessions (30-min ea)

10 detox sessions (30-min ea)


Combine bodywork and either infrared sauna or compression therapy, for the best price. Book your bodywork session first, with therapy of choice second, totaling 60-minutes per session.



one-to-one 30-min 

single session: $65

one-to-one 60-min 

single session: $99


30-min NormaTec or infrared sauna*

single session: $45

sauna plus one $20

we’ve made some changes.

We’ve made some major adjustments to ensure the safety of our guests and staff. Take a look at our updated health and safety guidelines before booking your next appointment.