Accessible and affordable,
by design.

we created a pricing structure that makes this essential work accessible.

our range of options and transparent pricing allow you to make these modalities a weekly ritual. monthly protocols and packages reflect our desire to make the BDY SQD regimen available on a consistent basis, whether you’re a ceo, freelancer, teacher or medical professional.

A combination protocol of assisted stretching with infrared sauna and/or NormaTec, is the best value for alignment and recovery results. stretch/detox-only protocols are also available. Additional sessions can always be added to protocols for exclusive member pricing.

*now accepting HSA / FSA!

first timer?
try a 60-minute introductory session.

monthly protocols

regular reset $109

2 stretches + 1 detox / month

A regular detox to sweat out toxins and work out muscle kinks. A light plan to stay fluid and limber.

stretch only $169

4 stretches / month

A consistent commitment to feeling loose, agile and performance ready. Add detox sessions as needed.

strong + steady $199

4 stretches + 2 detox / month

This plan helps prevent injury, allows for consistent detoxification and delivers regular muscle release and joint alignment. A weekly dose of full body attention.

detox only (new!) $119

4 detox / month

If glowing skin, boosted immunity and healthy lymphatic flow are priorities, this is for you. Choose between infrared sauna or NormaTec compression therapy.

deep repair* $379

8 stretches + 4 detox / month

A results-driven program that offers support for high-stress loads or focused health and performance goals. Ideal for any intense period of healing, recovery or training. *shareable

protocol perks

+ $45 discounted additional stretch and $35 additional detox rate
+ discounted sauna/NormaTec package prices
+ 10% off of all retail products
+ complimentary admission to select studio events

The PR Package

train hard. recover harder. crush the Boston Marathon. two packages designed to help you start and finish your race strong.

drop-ins and packages


one-to-one assisted

single session: $65
5 sessions: $269
10 sessions: $499


infrared sauna or NormaTec

single session: $45
5 sessions: $189
10 sessions: $349
20 sessions: $659
30 sessions**: $899
bring a friend to the sauna: $15

**shareable/no charge to bring a friend to sauna