Accessible and affordable,
by design.

we created a pricing structure that makes this essential work accessible.

our range of options and transparent pricing allow you to make these modalities a weekly ritual. monthly protocols and packages reflect our desire to make the BDY SQD regimen available on a consistent basis, whether you’re a ceo, freelancer, teacher or medical professional.

A combination protocol of assisted stretching with infrared sauna and/or NormaTec, is the best value for alignment and recovery results. stretch/detox-only protocols are also available. Additional sessions can always be added to protocols for exclusive member pricing.

*now accepting HSA / FSA!

first timer?
try a 60-minute introductory session.

monthly protocols

regular reset $109

2 stretches + 1 detox / month

A regular detox to sweat out toxins and work out muscle kinks. A light plan to stay fluid and limber.

stretch only $169

4 stretches / month

A consistent commitment to feeling loose, agile and performance ready. Add detox sessions as needed.

strong + steady $199

4 stretches + 2 detox / month

This plan helps prevent injury, allows for consistent detoxification and delivers regular muscle release and joint alignment. A weekly dose of full body attention.

detox only (new!) $119

4 detox / month

If glowing skin, boosted immunity and healthy lymphatic flow are priorities, this is for you. Choose between infrared sauna or NormaTec compression therapy.

deep repair* $379

8 stretches + 4 detox / month

A results-driven program that offers support for high-stress loads or focused health and performance goals. Ideal for any intense period of healing, recovery or training. *shareable

protocol perks

+ $45 discounted additional stretch and $35 additional detox rate
+ discounted sauna/NormaTec package prices
+ 10% off of all retail products
+ complimentary admission to select studio events

find your perfect protocol

you’re pretty special. you’re recovery plan should be too. reach out to find the protocol that works best for your goals

drop-ins and packages


one-to-one assisted

single session: $65
5 sessions: $269
10 sessions: $499


infrared sauna or NormaTec

single session: $45
5 sessions: $189
10 sessions: $349
20 sessions: $659
30 sessions**: $899
bring a friend to the sauna: $15

**shareable/no charge to bring a friend to sauna