Accessible and affordable,
by design.

we created a pricing structure that makes this essential work accessible.

now that we’re back, made some adjustments to our packages, and still have a range of options with transparent pricing that allow you to make your reset a weekly ritual. while our monthly protocols won’t be offered for the time being, you can still take advantage of our introductory combo, affordable packs and drop-ins.

A  protocol combining assisted stretching with our detox modalities: infrared sauna and/or NormaTec compression, is recommended for optimal alignment and recovery results – and are our best value. Stretch-only and detox-only packages are also available.

*now accepting HSA / FSA!

first timer?
try a 60-minute introductory session.


2 x 2 $149

2 stretches + 2 detoxes

The best of both worlds: break up the quarantine kinks and flush out the Shelter in Place stagnation.

stretch only five-pack $219

5 stretches

A more committed approach to feeling loose, agile and performance-ready. Add detox sessions as needed.

thera three-pack $139

3 theragun-only sessions

Our newest minimal-contact recovery option. This head-to-toe percussive therapy treatment releases tension and build-up through key fascial pathways. A transformative 30-minutes.

detox only five-pack $159

5 NormaTec / infrared sauna sessions

If glowing skin, boosted immunity and healthy lymphatic flow are priorities, this is for you. Choose between NormaTec compression therapy or infrared sauna.

we’ve made some changes.

We’ve made some major adjustments to ensure the safety of our guests and staff. Take a look at our updated health and safety guidelines before booking your next appointment.



one-to-one assisted

single session: $65


NormaTec or infrared sauna*

single session: $45