What is the ideal treatment at BDY SQD?

The best way to utilize our recovery tools is consistentlyWeekly stretch and detox is ideal. Regular stretching with use of our infrared saunas is highly supportive to a supple body, detoxified body, and NormaTec boots relieve soreness in legs and flush the lymph system. Our modalities are designed to be used together because the body responds best to consistent therapies that align, release and ultimately, recharge.

What should I wear to BDY SQD?

Ideally, wear something stretchy and loose for assisted stretching. Wearing a dress or skirt for stretching will limit what we can do on your lower body, but your upper body would still be available for treatment. NormaTec boots work well with leggings or shorts. For our sauna we suggest light clothing, bathing suit or undergarments – but it is completely private so what you wear (or don’t) is up to you. A towel is provided.

What should (or shouldn’t) I do after a session?

There are no limitations on what you should or should not do after stretching, sauna or NormaTec, but hydration and replenishing of electrolytes is important. Our studio water is alkaline and remineralized, so fill up your bottle after each session.

How should I combine the stretch work with infrared sauna?

We recommend you do the stretch session first, and then sauna. The reason is that our protocol breaks up adhesions in your muscle fascia, releasing metabolic waste. So the ideal time to do the infrared sauna is just after you’ve had that manual manipulation done so that you can maximize your detoxification impact.

Are multiple saunas a week recommended?

Yes, anyone on an intense detox program could consider up to four saunas over the course of seven days. There’s no harm in doing back to back saunas, but intentionally rehydrating and adding electrolytes to that day’s intake is important.

Are there contraindications for infrared sauna?

If you are taking any medication that should not be processed more quickly through your liver, then wait until the course of therapy has finished. Anyone under medical supervision should consult a provider first.

Why would I do multiple stretches a week?

Those who do multiple stretch sessions a week have specific goals around preparing for a race, recovering from intense workouts, surgery or injury or, a focus on getting more mobile, flexible or realigned within a shorter period of time. Some people book stretches every day for a period of focused performance.

Why do people use NormaTec boots?

NormaTec is another method for detoxification and recovery. Created by a physician bioengineer (MD, Ph.D.) to enhance blood flow and speed recovery, NormaTec Pulse Massage Pattern employs three key techniques to maximize your recovery: Pulsing, gradients and distal release. In English, this basically means that through dynamic pressure and kneading, the boots facilitate lymph flushing and muscle recovery, beginning in your feet and all the way up into your hip. The boots relieve a sensation of heavy legs, and flushes metabolic waste.

You talk about detoxification a lot. What am I detoxing?

There are many waste products that need to make their way out of your body on a daily basis. Your body’s natural elimination systems (skin, lungs and urinary/bowel) do a great job. But there are environmental pollutants, chemical agents, antibiotic residue and so much more that enters our systems constantly, all of which are not part of our natural ecosystems. Relieving your body of its toxic burden is becoming more essential in modern life.

Do infrared saunas really aid in weight loss?

They burn up to 400 calories in 30 minutes, and also aid in digestion and boost immunity, all of which contribute to a healthy body weight.

Is infrared good for acne?

Yes, the infrared sauna is particularly good for acne and any skin disorder because it kills bacteria and our chromotherapy (lights) have a soothing, healing impact on irritated skin.