people + progress

We have helped countless people train for races, come back from debilitating injury, recover from surgery and find new life in their bodies. We’re grateful to have so many stories to share… and there are many more where these came from.

“BDY SQD has helped me move again. I didn’t realize the tension that I was walking around with in my low back and shoulders. After just a few weeks of consistent appointments, I am moving with ease.”
– John D.

“I’ve been going through a lot of emotional stress over the past few years and it’s been manifesting in aches and pains all over my body. After my first stretch, I could not believe the difference. Not only did my body feel better but I felt like a weight was lifted off my soul. I’ll absolutely be taking time every week for myself.”
– Mary S.

“I was having terrible pains in my shins. I had been going to physical therapy 3 times a week for months. The pain persisted until I found BDY SQD. My first appointment at the studio was opening day in March and I haven’t looked back since. My shin pain is completely gone and I feel incredible in my daily life.”
– Kelly M.

“I’m a former athlete and I’ve recently had spinal surgery. There are a lot of stretches I could do at home, but there’s a lot I need extra help with. Coming to BDY SQD on a regular basis has been super helpful and I feel great every time I leave!”
– Spencer W.

“I travel several times a month for work, mostly by plane. As aches and pains began to set in, I accepted it as just getting old. After coming to BDY SQD consistently for the past 4 months, it became clear to me that everything I thought just came with old age was actually my tight muscles. Even though I spend a lot of time traveling, I always find 30 minutes to take care of myself”.
– Jon W.

“I went from being super active in college to sitting at a desk from 9 in the morning to 6 at night. I noticed a total shift in the way my body felt – and it was not good. I stretch and foam roll on my own quite frequently but the stretch and release I get from BDY SQD has made all the difference. All of the little twinges I use to feel in my body have subsided. I never regret making time in my week for my BDY SQD appointment. It’s just a part of my schedule now”.
– Victoria K.

“I work as a nurse and I’m constantly on my feet and moving. My schedule is hectic but because each session is just 30-minutes, it is easy enough to fit into my schedule and stick to a routine. After I started coming to BDY SQD a couple times a month, the aches in my back and feet have decreased substantially. I can’t even believe I was living with those pains before.”
– Rob A.

“I’ve been coming to BDY SQD for about 3 months. After working with several coaches, I’ve been able to remove physical therapy from my routine. I was going to PT about twice a week and I haven’t had to return in about 4 weeks now. I’ve just been coming to BDY SQD consistently.”
– Kimberly N.

“I came today for the 30 minute session and I LOVED Tristen- he stretched my glutes, calves, psoas, and pecs. I loved it and thought it was a super interested business model where you can buy membership and essentially drop into any stretch coach any day of the week.”
– Tamara W.

“Just came to my first stretch and it was fantastic! All of the folks who work here are either athletic trainers or massage therapists, with deep knowledge of anatomy/physiology and it shows. I feel looser and better after half an hour of targeted stretching here than I have felt after an hour of fancy but ultimately ineffectual massage elsewhere. They also have a pretty sweet infrared sauna I’m looking forward to using. The overall vibe is very mellow and relaxing and seems like a great place to practice some self care.”
– Erin E.